About the Granum Center

Changing consumer preferences, multiple distribution models, technology advances, and ongoing economic challenges have created an urgent need for a new center of influence in the financial security profession.

Our Mission

The Granum Center is dedicated to strengthening companies, field leaders and financial services professionals through knowledge and insight they can use to help their clients achieve financial security.

We do this by conducting research, hosting discussion forums and events, and creating tools and resources that financial services professionals can use – focused on the principles and behaviors required to achieve financial security.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the Granum Center to be a thought leader, an idea incubator – the place the industry turns to when challenged with an issue that is greater than just one company.

Note: The Center supports and promotes the creation of a long-term financial plan built upon a strong foundation of risk management, followed by wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, and distribution.

Granum Center Updates

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